About Shea Nut

Shea Nut
There are an estimated 500m Shea Trees throughout Western Africa.  Ghana is the second largest producer and processor of Shea Nuts.  Yet the UN estimates that only 35% is harvested each year.
Shea Nuts are a 100% natural multi-purpose vitamin A & E cream. They are a natural plant fat with exceptional moisturizing properties. When made into Shea Butter it also contains a significant fraction of ‘unsaponifiables’, which are reported to have many healing properties.
Shea Nuts are used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and in Europe they are also used in the confectionary and chocolate industry as a cocoa butter substitute. Shea butter is also used as cooking oil, and in margarine, soaps and detergents and candles.
Traditionally West Africans have used it for centuries to treat various skin problems, including burns, blemishes, eczema, wrinkles and stretch marks.
Other uses:
  • Adds and maintain moisture to dry and brittle hair, revitalizes repairs breakage and split ends and promote hair growth.
  • It protects hair from damaging sun rays and excessive exposure to heat, perms and dyes.
  • It does not clog pores or block hair shaft, allowing for easy breathing and stimulating growth.
  • It can be used as a conditioning sheen to maintain hair’s natural shine, improve manageability, use before swimming to protect  hair against chlorine or sea salt